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Black Female Pharmacist- Medication Refills via telemedicine at IntervalCare Medical Services

IntervalCare is a primary care and mental health telehealth company that improves access to healthcare to decrease health risks and improve life longevity. We are accepting patients in Florida that are 16 and older. Book a virtual appointment with one of our licensed providers today!

medication refills

Convenient Virtual Video Appointment

Referrals, Lab, and Radiology Orders 

Is your doctor booked but you need a medication refill now? IntervalCare helps to bridge the gap between patients needing non-controlled medication refills and available healthcare providers. Medication refills, which often involve cumbersome processes and potential delays are streamlined ensuring timely medication refills for patients. As a result, we are able to enhance healthcare access and patient satisfaction.

IntervalCare offers virtual primary care and mental health visits. During these consultations, patients can discuss their medication needs, any side effects experienced, or changes in health conditions that may require adjustments to their prescriptions. Healthcare providers can then evaluate these factors, order lab work as necessary, and authorize non-controlled prescription refills as appropriate. Our licensed healthcare providers are able to electronically send prescriptions directly to pharmacies. This eliminates the need for paper prescriptions and minimizes potential errors associated with manual transcription. Patients can choose their preferred pharmacy, and the prescription is ready for pickup or delivery promptly.

Book a virtual appointment today to speak with one of our licensed healthcare providers!

how it works


Book An Appointment

New Patients should book a "Initial Appointment" and returning patients should book a "Follow Up" visit. Be sure you indicate whether you will be cash/credit card pay (due prior to your visit) or using your health insurance (co-pay due prior to your appointment as applicable) while booking.


How to prepare for your appointment

Once your appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with a secure link to your virtual appointment. You will also get an invitation to join our secure patient portal "patient ally". Through our portal you can access your new patient intake paperwork, patient visit summary, and you are able to message with your provider. Please complete your intake paperwork, submit a copy of your insurance card and photo ID, and pay your co-pay or visit fee prior to the start of your appointment.


Appointment time!

Download the app and join the virtual visit using the link in your confirmation email. A licensed medical provider will be present within the first 5 minutes of your appointment to provide you with quality care!


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