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Couple Cooking together- Book a virtual appointment for ED today!

IntervalCare is a primary care and mental health telehealth company that improves access to healthcare to decrease health risks and improve life longevity. We are accepting patients in Florida that are 16 and older. Book a virtual appointment with one of our licensed providers today!

erectile dysfunction (ED)

Convenient Virtual Video Appointment

Customized treatment plan unique to you

Medication Prescription as necessary to your Preferred Pharmacy

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition that necessitates consistent monitoring and tailored management for effective treatment. With IntervalCare, we can offer remote consultations, personalized treatment plans, and prescriptions sent to your preferred pharmacy, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes.

Through our secure telemedicine platform, individuals can consult with licensed healthcare providers without the need for in-person visits. This not only eliminates the discomfort associated with face-to-face consultations but also ensures privacy and convenience for patients. Our platform facilitates confidential discussions about symptoms, medical history, and treatment preferences, empowering patients to openly address their concerns from the privacy of their homes.

Furthermore, our telemedicine service promotes ongoing support and follow-up care for individuals managing ED. Patients can schedule follow-up appointments online to monitor progress, address any concerns, and adjust treatment plans as needed. If imaging or lab work is needed, patients can have an order faxed to their preferred radiology and/or lab center.


Additionally, our platform offers educational resources and lifestyle tips through our blog to empower patients in managing their condition and other chronic conditions effectively. Subscribe to our email list to follow along! 


Book an appointment with one of our licensed providers today!


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